Sohonet Upgrades BFI Connectivity


Sohonet, a leader in connectivity and data management for the media and entertainment industry, has extended its partnership with the BFI via the installation of a 100Mbit/s fibre line connection and Sohonet Wireless Solution at its flagship Southbank site. 
According to Sohonet, its new connectivity solution will enable the BFI to offer superfast, reliable and secure free Wi-Fi to visitors, whilst optimising its corporate events package to include new digital application capabilities that enhance the interactive experience of both internal and external audiences.
The BFI has worked with Sohonet since 2003 when, as part of the National Film Theatre’;s industry initiative to test new digital technologies from different companies, it was chosen to install a high-speed link to facilitate digital projection screenings.
Richard Boyd, Head of Technical for BFI Southbank, said:  “Our previous Wi-Fi service could not cope with the increasing bandwidth demand of visitors wanting access to rich content at our Southbank site. We are consequently delighted that Sohonet has come on board to deliver a faster, more robust and secure service that will enable all our visitors to experience superfast network access at all times.”
The new connection will enable the BFI to host events and Q&A sessions with directors and other industry luminaries, and broadcast these live to cinemas across the globe. This will give regional audiences greater access to creative talent and facilitate live interactive debate. 
Greg Barrett, Sohonet’;s Chief Strategy Officer, said: “The BFI is the custodian of the UK’;s film and TV heritage and its Southbank venue is an increasingly popular place for people to meet up and hang out. Now that the BFI has the optimum connectivity infrastructure in place to take it into the future, it can assess the viability of exciting, new digital applications to create a state-of-the-art digital cinema experience.”
In addition, Sohonet’;s service also includes access to its Sohonet Media Network. “Sohonet’;s Media Network is the largest and most established private, high-performance network for the media industry and it is fantastic that we are now part of it,” added the BFI”s Boyd. “The organisation and its corporate clients can connect to the world’;s leading studios, production and post-production facilities and benefit from new opportunities for global collaboration.”

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