Shine Acquires Social Gaming Firm Bossa

Elisabeth Murdoch”s Shine Group has been fairly quiet since its acquisition by News Corp earlier this year. Go back two or three years and it was on a seemingly endless corporate acquisition spree.

Now though Murdoch is back in the market following the news that Shine has acquired the London-based social gaming startup, Bossa Studios.

Based in Shoreditch, Bossa Studios creates games for social networking sites such as Facebook. Despite being less than a year old, it has clearly done something right to capture Shine”s attention: “As a global content company, we are committed to producing exceptional experiences across multiple platforms and developing direct-to-consumer models. We have long identified social gaming as a critical component to this strategy, and in Bossa Studios we discovered an entrepreneurial, creative team that shares our passion for excellence. They have bold ideas which we naturally welcome and will be a significant addition to the Shine Group.”

Although it is early days, analysts expect Shine to put Bossa to work developing social gaming components for flagship brands such as MasterChef.
Henrique Olifiers, co-founder of Bossa Studios, said: “Shine has shown a great support for Bossa Studio’;s creative-led mission and together, in addition to launching new concepts, we hope to offer hundreds of millions of TV viewers and social gamers the opportunity to experience some of their most-loved programmes in an entirely fresh, immersive way.”

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