Sargent Disc Survey Highlights Gender Inequality In UK Film Industry

Sargent Disc, the leading payroll, accounting and software provider, has conducted a survey examining the impact of gender on pay and employment in the UK film industry.

The survey, with information displayed through innovative graphics, is viewable here.

In conclusion, the following were found:

Women are often under-represented and paid less than their male counterparts. Salaries remain on average 15 percent lower for women. Some areas of the UK film industry are almost completely male-dominated, such as Lighting, where men account for 99 percent of the workforce. And, even in Costume Departments, with a workforce that is 83 percent female, the 17 percent of men earn on average more than the women.

Clearly, a gender gap still exists, despite changes in legislation and social landscape.

Sargent Disc has provided payroll services to all the major Hollywood studios, and many leading UK production companies, for 25 years, so is ideally-placed to conduct accurate analysis.

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