Ross Kemp to investigate Britain’s mafia

Ross Kemp to investigate Britain’s mafia

Ross Kemp filming via Sky and A and E A new documentary series presented by Ross Kemp about Britain’s mafia is being produced by Kemp’s indie Freshwater Films and Honey Bee.

The 5 x 60’, with the working title Ross Kemp: Mafia and Britain, has been commissioned by A+E Networks EMEA for broadcast on Sky History. 

Kemp will look back at Britain’s deep-rooted links with the mafia – that began as early as the 1920s.

Since the UK does not recognise membership of the mafia as a crime, it has at various points in history become a safe haven for mafia ‘Cosa nostra’ lieutenants, ‘soldiers’ and hit men who have hidden all over the UK in locations as unlikely as caravan parks and newsagents. 

The series opens in London, specifically Blackfriars Bridge, where in 1982 the body of the so-called ‘God’s Banker’, Roberto Calvi, was discovered with his pockets stuffed full of foreign currency from all over the world. 

Kemp said “I’m looking forward to taking viewers into unchartered territory as we discover the relationship between Britain and one of the most notorious organised crime groups in the world, the mafia.”

The series producer for Honey Bee is Sam Taplin and the executive producers are Ed Taylor and Ros Edwards, with Martin Oxley for GroupM Motion Entertainment and Ross Kemp for Freshwater. 


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