Reunion begins Yorkshire shoot with Matthew Gurney, Anne-Marie Duff

Reunion begins Yorkshire shoot with Matthew Gurney, Anne-Marie Duff
Cast of Reunion - L-R: Matthew Gurney (Image: Yellowbelly), Lara Peake (Image: Michael Shelford), Anne-Marie Duff, Eddie Marsan and Rose Ayling-Ellis (Image: Yellowbelly)

Filming has begun in and around Sheffield on BBC drama Reunion starring Matthew Gurney, Lara Peake, Anne-Marie Duff, Eddie Marsan and Rose Ayling- Ellis.

Written by Sheffield-born deaf writer William Mager, Reunion (4 x 60′) is a revenge/redemption thriller, following the journey of Daniel Brennan (Gurney), a deaf man determined to right his wrongs while unravelling the truth behind the events that led him to prison.

In a milestone for scripted drama, the majority of the cast and many members of the crew are deaf or using British Sign Language; the production is supported by Screen Yorkshire.

Mark Herbert of Warp Films said: “Reunion stands as a testament to our commitment at Warp Films for genuine representation and thrilling inclusive storytelling that resonates with all audiences whilst amplifying the voices and talents of an often-overlooked community both on and off screen”.

Anne-Marie Duff added: “I am genuinely thrilled to be a part of this very exciting production. It is rare to witness a narrative where the audience is taken on a journey with a very different set of senses. It’s about our need to acknowledge each other’s truths- both inside our own families and beyond. The team is so extraordinary. I feel very honoured to be rubbing shoulders with them”.

Reunion is directed by Luke Snellin with Helen Ostler producing and Siobhan Morgan associate producer. Herbert and Gwen Gorst are executive producers for Warp Films, alongside series writer Mager, with Rebecca Ferguson and Jo McClellan for the BBC.

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