Question Time Masters Art Of Promotion

More than ever before, TV shows need promotional hooks if they are to cut through the clutter of competition. Without them, their only hope is that viewers stay loyal or stumble across them once they”ve been consigned to the world of on-demand.

Question Time is a show that has understood this point well. Already this year, it has managed to secure strong ratings thanks to its coverage of the BNP and the News Of The World phone-hacking controversy. Now it can look forward to another ratings spike when it broadcasts from Westminster for the first time ever (November 3rd edition).
The Westminster show will take place during Parliament week, which aims to build awareness of UK democracy. Commenting, QT editor, Nicolai Gentchev, said: “I hope this magnificent venue inspires the debate among our panel and audience.”
In a separate development, BBC Radio 4 panel show Just A Minute is to transfer to BBC2 next year to mark the show’;s 45th anniversary. The Nicholas Parsons-hosted show has been on TV before when ITV made a version in the mid-1990s. But it didn”t do very well. Possibly it”s one of those perfectly formed radio franchises that just doesn”t need to be reinvented for TV; but we”ll know better next year.

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