Pinewood Partners Framestore and Norris in Apollo

Studio giant Pinewood Shepperton, digital VFX house Framestore, and producer Steve Norris have formed a JV to provide services and support to international film-makers on a wide range of issues relating to film production.

The new outfit is called Apollo Productions. It will, as required, advise on all aspects of film production in the UK, from film qualification and the UK cultural test, to co-production status and tax credits, as well as managing the production process for its clients. It will, above all, provide international filmmakers with a trusted and experienced partner with which to do business. The venture will also offer access to skills and expertise within the UK.

Apollo will open for business this month and the parties involved believe it will fill a gap in the market where the provision of production services has tended to be fragmented. Pinewood’;s 75 years of experience in providing world-class film, television and commercial production facilities and its recent expansion overseas in Canada, Malaysia and Germany, coupled with Framestore’;s 20 years work in digital film and video gives it a unique perspective from which to offer its services. Together with Steve Norris, one of the UK’;s most experienced producers and executives, Apollo Productions will be perfectly placed to facilitate all aspects of film making, from pre to post production.

Commenting on the new venture, Steve Norris said: “With the global landscape for film and media production in constant flux, I wanted to create a production services vehicle for international filmmakers that brought together the very best of the UK’;s expertise to make the UK easily accessible. We’;ve become a base of choice for big budget films and we want Apollo to help productions of all sizes and budgets access the UK’;s talent pool and locations.”

Ivan Dunleavy, CEO of Pinewood Shepperton plc added: “Apollo will strengthen the service we offer to clients. It allows us to add yet another string to our bow as we develop our business. We are confident that the combined experience and expertise of Pinewood, Framestore and Steve will create a compelling new service to our international clients.”

Finally, William Sargent, CEO of Framestore, said: “Apollo is the natural next step for us. Our brand and reputation is based on state of the art creativity, combined with world-renowned quality and support for the film-makers that work with us. We want their UK experience to be the best it can.”

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