Joan Collins prepares to film road movie

Joan Collins prepares to film road movie

Joan Collins, Pauline Collins and Franco Nero are preparing to shoot The Time of Their Lives, a feature preparing to film for five weeks from early July.

Producer Sarah Sulick of Bright Pictures has been working on the comedy road movie for five years, and has now secured filming locations including France, Dorset and London.

Roger Goldby directs from his own screenplay, which centres on Joan Collins” character Helen – a former Hollywood actress – who sneaks out of her retirement home in London to head to France and gatecrash the funeral of her former husband. Together with repressed housewife Priscilla (Pauline Collins) but with limited resources, the pair make their way across the Channel, becoming entangled with Nero”s reclusive French millionaire on the way.

Tim Rice is the executive producer on The Time of Their Lives: PI subscribers can log in for more details on the HoDs on board. Non-subscribers can click here for a demo.

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