Imaginarium opens new mocap studio

Imaginarium opens new mocap studio

Imaginarium Studios is opening a motion capture (mocap) studio at SIDE London, in partnership with games services company PTW.

Located in Tileyard London (King’s Cross), production teams will be able to use the new facility to record and capture full body character performances, simultaneously and all in one place.

The new development will allow for full performance capture of the face, body, and fingers of up to two characters, for more narrative-driven game scenes.

Alex Hill, Imaginarium business development manager, said “Opening a brand-new performance capture volume in central London, in partnership with SIDE London, is optimal for our gaming clients. This additional capacity, combined with the ability to simultaneously record an ADR session with HMC and body motion, gives us a high quality and cost-effective turnkey service.”

“Technology has always driven innovation in the gaming industry, and PTW prides itself on consistently working with the best to create world-class solutions,” added PTW CEO, Deborah Kirkham. “Our partnership with Imaginarium gives our clients end-to-end control over their creative vision – something that all our customers want, but very few service providers can truly offer.”

The world-famous Imaginarium Studios was founded in 2012 by Andy Serkis, and is considered a pioneer in performance capture and virtual production. It has bases at Pinewood Studios, at PTW’s SIDE London and at Trilith Studios near Atlanta, Georgia.

PTW is an enterprise games services company, providing technical and creative services to many large developers and studios around the world. Founded in Japan in 1994, PTW now has more than 40 studios in 16 countries worldwide.

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