Hunt Announces Local TV Rethink

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced a rethink of his plan to create a local TV system in the UK. Hunt had been a keen advocate of a national network of local city-based broadcasters and services, probably delivered via Freeview. However this top-down approach has been shelved due to concerns about its viability. Instead, Hunt is now talking about a bottom up approach based on individually-licensed stations.

Hunt’;s about turn comes after his Department received 140 responses to its consultation on Local Media. However the Minister still claims to be “committed to localism – putting power in the hands of citizens and neighbourhoods. Local television will be a key part of that, giving people local news and content and helping local democracy to flourish.”

Hunt claims there is widespread support from the public: “I have been particularly struck by the large number of local groups – particularly outside of London – who are keen to deliver this for their own communities,” he said.

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