Glee Season 3 Opens Modestly On Sky1

After two series on Channel 4”s E4, hit musical comedy Glee has started its third series on Sky1 with around 640,000 viewers. The show, which airs from 2100 to 2200 on Thursdays peaked at around 750,000 – but this is still well short of the 1.6m who were able to tune into the end of season two on E4 (which is available via PayTV and DTT).

Sky secured Glee after it outbid C4 for rights to the Twentieth Century Fox TV distributed show. C4 responded by going out and racking up a slate of other US acquisitions including 2 Broke Girls, The New Girl and SPT”s re-boot of Charlie”s Angels.

In the US, Glee still performs well, though the opening episode of series 3 (September 20) was down on last year”s debut by around 30%. Analysts are currently crawling all over the show to work out why the global phenomenon saw such a reverse.

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