FX Industry Boosted By Migrant Proposals

Good news for the UK”s VFX industry this week: a report from the Migration Advisory Committee says that job roles essential to the continued growth of the UK’;s VFX industry should be added or retained on the Government’;s shortage occupation list.

If the Government agrees, it means that it will be easier for UK companies to hire imported talent in roles where there is a shortage of skilled UK workers.

Skillset chief executive, Dinah Caine, said: “These recommendations are good news not just for the VFX industry, but also computer games and animation”. However she warned “these measures are not an end in themselves. Skillset is working with the VFX industry and the UK’;s higher education community through our accreditation programme to develop the education and training we need to fill these roles with home grown talent in the future.”

The report recommends adding five new VFX roles and retaining 12 of the roles already on the list, while removing six where there are either no longer skills shortages or which are no longer relevant. The new list will help the UK keep pace with technological developments such as the boom in stereoscopic film production, with the addition of roles such as stereo artist.

Chief Executive of UK Screen Association, Sarah Mackey, said: “British companies are at the forefront of VFX both creatively and technologically. It is essential our members can recruit the right skills globally while the UK develops the skills for the next generation.”

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