New crime drama wraps filming in York

New crime drama wraps filming in York
Cast of Patience filming in York, image credit Channel 4/Eagle Eye Drama/ Robert Viglasky

Laura Fraser and Ella Maisy Purvis have wrapped filming in York and Belgium on new Channel 4 crime drama Patience, from Eagle Eye Drama.

Patience is adapted from the original French series Astrid and Raphaelle and is a co-production of JLA Productions. The series is produced in association with Happy Duck Films.

The six-part drama centres on Patience Evans (Purvis) a young autistic woman who works in the criminal records department of Yorkshire Police, cataloguing and filing the evidence produced during major cases.

Detective Bea Metcalf (Fraser) is the first person to spot and utilise her talent, which opens a door into a whole new world for Patience. Patience attends a regular support group for autistic adults where they discuss the barriers in operating in a neuro-typical world and how best to navigate it.

All neuro-divergent characters within the series will be played by neuro-diverse actors, including the title role of Patience.

Purvis said: “I’m incredibly honoured to bring Patience Evans to life in this ground-breaking drama. Audiences can look forward to an authentic representation of a young autistic woman that is written with nuance and detail, but also that challenges the norms of the neuro-typical world. Patience is a character full of depth, intelligence, and an unwavering passion for justice, and I can’t wait for viewers to join her on this thrilling journey.”

Jo McGrath, CCO, Eagle Eye Drama says: “We are proud to be making a mainstream crime series built around an exceptional neurodivergent protagonist called Patience. The character is beautifully brought to life by Ella Maisy Purvis, a compelling young actress who will captivate audiences. We’re delighted to be working with Channel 4, a broadcaster whose championing of diversity in all its forms has always been at the very heart of its DNA.”

Patience is directed by Maarten Moerkerke. Matt Baker heads up the writing team and is joined by Stephen Brady, Sarah Freethy and Daniella DeVinter, all of whom have personal experience relating to autism. McGrath and Walter Iuzzolino executive produce for Eagle Eye Drama.

Shooting took place in York and Belgium with support from the Belgian Tax Shelter.

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