Die Hard and Indiana Jones stunts go under the microscope for Sky Max

Die Hard and Indiana Jones stunts go under the microscope for Sky Max

The Unofficial Science OfTwo iconic action franchises, Die Hard and Indiana Jones, are set to have their stunts dissected in two new specials in the return of The Unofficial Science Of… strand on Sky Max. 


The Unofficial Science of Die Hard and The Unofficial Science of Indiana Jones are made by Fremantle label Naked and each special will be delivered as a 90-minute episode.

The executive producer for Naked is Gregor Lauder. The first Unofficial Science special, The Unofficial Science of Home Alone, which explored the cult-classic Christmas film Home Alone, was Sky’s biggest original entertainment launch of 2022.

In the new Die Hard-themed special, Chris Ramsey and Paul Chowdhry, alongside engineer Zoe Laughlin, will scientifically assess stunts from the popular action thriller. From rooftop escapes to walking over shattered glass, Chris and Paul will put the stunts to the test to discover how to tackle them in real life. 

Greg James and Maisie Adam will present the Indiana Jones episode, learning how to escape from the some of the most famous challenges –  including poisonous darts, giant boulders and fireballs.

Whilst both duos explore the stunts of the films, Alex Brooker returns to explore the sets and meet iconic cast members to hear their favourite on-set memories.

Managing director of Naked, Tom O’Brien said: “It’s great to be back working with Sky on two more Unofficial Science specials. The unique mix of comedy, big stunts, seasonal cheer, and premium sheen make them a must-see spectacular. One that’s really blown up with the viewers.”

Ramsey said: “As a die-hard Die Hard fan, I’m chuffed to be working on this amazing project! It’s honestly one of my favourite films of all time, and this is almost like I get to be in it a bit, which is incredible! Who wouldn’t want to have a go at some of the most iconic action sequences to ever exist? Don’t try this at home!”

James added: “I spent most of my childhood completely obsessed with recreating special effects and stunts and as I’ve grown up, life got in the way of carrying this on. So, when Sky asked if I wanted to see how some of the most impressive and famous stunts in the history of cinema were made, I’ve never said “YES PLEASE” quicker. Maisie and I are going to have so much fun.”


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