Broadcasters Unite To Simplify Digital For Producers

UK broadcasters have launched the Digital Production Partnership (DPP), an initiative to help producers and broadcasters maximise the benefits of digital production.

Developed following a Workshop hosted by the BBC and ITV in November 2009, the DPP is an industry collaboration funded and led by ITV, BBC and Channel 4 with active participation from Five, Sky, S4C and the Independent Production sector. The DPP also draws on experts from the worlds of technology and production to fulfil its remit.

Helen Stevens, ITV’;s director of broadcast services, and Chair of the DPP said: “We are working with colleagues from across the industry to identify and agree technical standards that will help ease everyone’;s transition to full end-to-end digital production. Everyone involved has the goals of simplicity and maximising the potential benefits for the whole industry. It is really very collaborative and a great example of what can be achieved when broadcasters work together with minimal bureaucracy and process.”

Mark Harrison, Controller of Production BBC North and BBC Lead DPP, added: “Digital production will make life much easier for producers. But getting there is very complicated. So this partnership reflects the broadcasters’; desire to help producers and facility houses to overcome the complexities, and get to the benefits of digital more quickly.”

Kevin Burrows, Chief Technology Office – Broadcast and Distribution, C4 and C4 Lead DPP, said: “Agreeing one set of technical standards across the industry will be of huge benefit. The standards will not only rationalise the delivery process, but will help save costs for independent producers.”

A set of common HD and SD technical standards for the delivery of TV will be the first announcement made by the DPP. These guidelines will aim to provide clarity to the production community around HD equipment and techniques. An announcement is due at the end of February.

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