Beyond HD at Ravensbourne: Digital Film’s Future: 26th to 27th February

Beyond HD will examine how industry professionals push boundaries in HD, 2K, 4K and embrace the latest digital technology including 3D. A 20% discount is available to recipients of The Knowledge Bulletin (code KNOW2011)

Hosted at Ravensbourne, there will be various new industry sessions at the conference:

•    MediaPros and Pogo Films discussing the pros and cons of 3D production
•    iPost – the future of digital post-production with Sequence Post
•    How digital formats can give creative freedom – case study British Feature Archipelago.
•    RED camera workflow with The Foundry and their new product STORM
•    Using the Canon 5D Mkll for TV Drama

Plus, there will be discussion on the following:

•    Film, 2K, 4K, HD? What is the best format to shoot on?
•    Preserving the vision to the audience – the importance of the DP in post
•    What governs the choice of Camera? The problems with visible playback
•    What is the role of the DIT? Should they be in the Camera department?
•    How to keep abreast of workflows, set design and grading
•    Production and post issues when working digitally

Find out about all the sessions and speakers here.

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