Behind the scenes at FilmFixer

Behind the scenes at FilmFixer

Noel Gallagher videoAs one of the UK’s busiest film service companies, FilmFixer handles around 8000 shoot days per year across London and the south-east.

We hear from the team about some of their recent work, and find out what is involved for shoots of all sizes.  


Luke Wilson, senior film officer at FilmFixer, said: “The past twelve months has been very active, with filming across all 13 of our London partner boroughs.

“Timeframes for producers approaching us varies from production to production, with some shoots being days in advance; some months.

“We work with productions at all stages – from initial location briefs, through to their scouting days, into confirming shoot locations and on the shoot day itself. We liaise with all relevant stakeholders and groups to ensure shoots take place successfully and we work closely with productions on traffic management and parking inquiries, amongst other logistical requests. 


“Lead-in times differs borough-by-borough for all traffic management and parking requests so we encourage productions to get in touch at the earliest opportunity. We deal with TV productions, feature films, student films, music videos and photo shoots, amongst others. Inquires can be anything from walk and talk to large-scale stunt scenes and everything in between.”


Some of FilmFixer’s standout projects include: 

Lockwood & Co 

One of the company’s most high-profile recent productions was Lockwood & Co, which filmed across various London boroughs during its five-month shoot. 


Lockwood & CoLockwood & Co

The eight-part series filmed across Southwark, Camden, Kensington & Chelsea and Islington, with backdrops of often-iconic architecture. There was some doubling too, as Islington’s 35 Claremont Square portrayed Portland Row, the offices of Lockwood & Co.  

Noel Gallagher Music Video in Regent’s Square

The latest music video for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds (Easy Now) was shot in and around Regent’s Square in Camden. In one of the scenes, actress Milly Alcock was filmed defying gravity and running into the sky.

“You can see this spectacular stunt in progress in the photo [above],” said Mira Brayford, filming manager at Film Fixer. 

Your Christmas or Mine 

This festive romantic comedy filmed on Mayfair Gardens and Devonshire Hill Lane in Haringey.

Katy Pegg-Hargreaves, senior film officer at FilmFixer, said:  “In order to achieve a Christmassy feel, the production dressed the street with fake snow and coordinated with residents to decorate their houses. The roads were closed for three days and we worked closely with the Highways team and production to ensure access for residents was maintained and to reduce disruption to their daily routine”

Your Christmas or MineBefore


Your Christmas or Mine afterAfter

They had a genie boom at the end of Devonshire Hill Lane at the end of Mayfair gardens shining light down the street, and there was a three-day closure of the road. They also filmed snowy scenes on a small alley off Devonshire Hill Lane.”

Slow Horses

Slow Horses is an Apple TV+ spy thriller series starring Gary Oldman, and based on the Slough House series of novels by Mick Herron.

Slow HorsesSlow Horses

Filming of several key scenes took place on the Caledonian Estate with its visually impressive Edwardian architecture. The production achieved their shot with numerous lighting and camera positions across several balconies, control of local lighting, and the use of a camera crane within the estate.


“As well as looking after London boroughs, FilmFixer also partners with private locations that include Lee Valley, Peabody, Kingston University, Cumberland Lodge, Butlers Wharf, among others. 


“Pennyworth is HBO Max’s origin story of Alfred Pennyworth, a former special-forces soldier living in London, and how he came to work for Bruce Wayne’s father. Episode 9 of Season Three featured Chiswick House and its beautiful gardens, with the area by the Obelisk cleverly doubling for Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park in the 1960s”, said Tim Reynard, head of private locations at FilmFixer. 


The season 2 stills of the Netflix hit were shot at Gunnersbury Park and Museum’s picturesque Orangery, complete with ornate fountain and curving lake.  


The King’s Man

Promo stills for the 20th Century Fox feature were shot at Potters Fields Park, where a replica WW1 Sopwith Pup biplane was installed by a crew from the Stow Maries War Museum. 

The Kings Man The King’s Man


FilmFixer also worked on Apple TV’s thriller, Liaison and, more recently, Sky’s A Town Called Malice. 




A Town Called MaliceA Town Called Malice


With thanks to the FilmFixer team for its help in compiling this article. 

All images via FilmFixer. 


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