Studios Spotlight – Tatton Studios

Studios Spotlight – Tatton Studios

The latest in our Studios Spotlight series is Tatton Studios in Cheshire which, as well as providing three studio spaces (including a green screen with an infinity curve), workshops and production offices, is nestled within 5000 acres of land with hundreds of properties offering location backdrops.

We spoke to Hannah Starling, Head of Events, Studios and Locations, to find out more about the stunningly-located production hub.

How did Tatton Studios come about?

We are your unofficial Cheshire Film Office! This is our patch and we know it well.

Tatton Studios and locations, part of Tatton Group, supply that killer combo of access to privately-owned land plus production knowledge.

We’ve been supplying studios and locations for years, but our small, dedicated team was formed in 2017 when word spread and filming on the Tatton Estate sky rocketed. Since then, we’ve amassed quite the portfolio of feature films, high-profile dramas, adverts, fashion shoots and music videos.

What’s on offer?

Tatton Studios and Locations – “Britain’s Biggest Backlot” – is based in Cheshire, 10 minutes from Manchester Airport and 20 minutes from Manchester city centre. Our expansive offering includes: 6000 acres of rolling countryside, manor houses, red-bricked villages, woodlands, lakes, vacant properties, industrial buildings and much more, that can transport your audience to any era or setting.

Our “one-stop shop” offers a wide variety of locations, build studios, production offices, prop storage, workshops, unit bases and production accommodation.

For teams working on location filming, production accommodation is based 20 minutes from Manchester city centre with a direct train network.

Production credits

We have hosted projects for Netflix, ITV, BBC, CBBC, CBeebies, Sky, AbbottVision, Red, Lime Pictures, Fox, Amazon, Channel 4, Tiger Aspect.

Productions hosted

Peaky Blinders; Tolkien; Red Rose; Worst Witch; A Kind of Spark; Waterloo Road; How to Date Billy Walsh; Entitled; Chuck Chuck Baby; Dodger; Ridley; Sherwood; No Offence.

Commercials hosted

Adidas; Postcode Lottery; Bentley Motors; McCann; Tesco.

Plus music videos…

What would you say is your studio’s standout facility?

Our production base ticks off all your requirements in one go – from studios, offices, prop storage, exterior build space, workshops etc. It sits surrounded by 6,000 acres of backlot and varied locations, so you can step out of the studios or production office directly on to a location, therefore improving cost- cutting and efficiency.

Do you have a sustainability strategy?

We are very conscious about the need for sustainability on the estate, and are constantly working to improve it. We have a special ‘Road Map to Carbon Zero’ which is a detailed strategy of our vision for the future. As long-term stewards and custodians of the land and heritage assets, we have an ambition to build net-zero, thriving communities.

In addition we are looking to reduce our carbon emissions across all business areas, and where we cannot reach carbon zero, offset through tree planting and biodiversity net gain.

What’s next?

Potentially, new studio builds, although nothing is set in stone. However, there are extensive discussions underway, considering the vast exterior build space we have and the market requirements.

With many thanks to Hannah Starling of Tatton Studios for her help in compiling this article.

All images via Tatton Studios.

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