A Production Intelligence record!

A Production Intelligence record!

Here at The Knowledge HQ we are firm believers in the occasional bout of own-trumpet-blowing, and we feel that yesterday’s activity on Production Intelligence warrants such a reveille. 

18 May was an extraordinary day: smoke was coming off our keyboards and phone lines were red hot as our team frantically worked to research, confirm and provide exclusive inside information on not one, not two, but ten new productions, from feature films to documentaries, and historical dramas to sitcoms. 

So, with a little unashamed horn-tooting, we present just a few highlights of new content on the site today. As always, subscribers to Production Intelligence can follow any of the projects, people, dates or locations so tailored email alerts will arrive as we get more first-hand information confirmed over the coming months.

First, drama, and ITV’s major new historical eight-parter, Victoria. The lovely people behind the project confirmed more production specifics on this one, and also updated us on two other major new series they’re working on. 

Now on to current affairs, Shiver is producing 2 x 60 series A Very Public Education where viewers will be able to see headteachers and pupils from state and private schools swap places. This has intriguing written all over it and after talking to Shiver we have a raft of new information on the show for Production Intelligence users.

Nestling alongside details of a fascinating new film from Scott Free written by Julian Barratt and Simon Farnaby, you will find information on a feature about Brian Epstein, called The Fifth Beatle. We spoke to the NY producers of this project – Simon Cowell is also involved for the UK end of things – who confirmed the casting director and promised updates as filming draws nearer. 

We also have fresh information on Caradog James’ new project, Eaten, that has been picking up steam since its announcement at Cannes. This major co-production is certainly one to look out for as it’s still in the development stages.

So, there you have it. An all-singing, all-dancing illustration of just why we think Production Intelligence is such a vital resource for any UK film and TV professional working behind the camera. For a free demo request, click here. 



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