Tom Hardy is one busy man and we can’t wait to see him in platform heels

Tom Hardy is one busy man and we can’t wait to see him in platform heels

Here at The Knowledge HQ we are great champions of Tom Hardy, but we have been starting to harbour concerns that he has taken on too much. Tom, are there enough hours in the day?


Our fears were triggered by the recent news that he has had to drop out of David Ayer’s big budget and A-lister-riddled Suicide Squad, due to bed in at Pinewood Studios Toronto with talent such as Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto and, it is rumoured, Hardy’s replacement Karl Urban.

The reason given for the change? The fact that Hardy’s current film project, The Revenant – in which he co-stars with Leonardo DiCaprio – is running over time into mid-March. This means the actor segues straight into a major promotional tour for Mad Max: Fury Road. 

We were rather hoping Hardy may have time for a quick holiday at this stage, but it seems he shows no signs of putting his feet up. He and business partner Dean Baker run a production company called Hardy Son & Baker, and they are due to go into production on a large-scale period drama for  the BBC called Taboo. 
Based on an original story by Hardy and his dad, the production centres on an early 19th century rogue adventurer (played by guess who?) taking on the East India Company during the height of the British Empire. 

The pedigree couldn’t get much better on this one: Scott Free are also on board to produce, from scripts by Steven Knight. Although cameras are not due to roll until the early autumn, the hefty series of 8 x 60 eps is bound to have a very long pre-production. (A producer has just come on board – PI subscribers can see all information here).

And then there’s Rocketman, which will see the Hammersmith-born actor take on the role of Elton John.  So – just so that we are sure you understand – that’s Tom Hardy, in sequinned suits, wearing platform heels and donning giant glasses, banging out some cracking tunes on a no doubt extravagant piano. What more could we want? 

Filming dates are to be confirmed on this one, but we want it sooner rather than later. (Note to casting directors: Tom Hiddleston for Rod Stewart please).

Hardy will probably also fit in a couple of his passion projects about animal poaching and trafficking, for which we commend him. Throw in a Locke or two along the way and the man’s schedule is bulging. 

Tom, please take it easy. We still want you to find time to pop into Knowledge Towers next time you’re around… 

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