The Knowledge’s sustainable filming checklist

The Knowledge’s sustainable filming checklist

sustainable filming​Though many of us have already started to think more and more about the sustainability issues surrounding the lovely industry we are working in, still more needs doing. Still we see large crews flying abroad, sets being destroyed after a production has wrapped and call sheets being reprinted every time the smallest changes are being made.

So, we thought, why not make it easier for all of you working in film, TV or commercials production and give you a simple checklist to work with.

Make sure you think about the following:

  • Are you making use of all your office space?
  • Do you sufficiently control light, heating and air-conditioning?
  • Do you make sure nothing remains on standby?
  • Have you limited the use of diesel generators?
  • Are you managing stationery use and ensuring there’s minimum waste?
  • Are you using rechargeable batteries?
  • Are you reusing tapes and DVDs?
  • Do you avoid disposable food & drink containers?
  • Are you limiting the use of packaged products?
  • Is food bought locally and in bulk?
  • Do you make use of sustainable/organic materials?
  • Is your crew sharing transport?
  • Are you minimising travel distances?
  • Do you use fuel efficient vehicles?
  • Do you dispose of waste properly?
  • Are you making sure that on location shoots you don’t disrupt habitats?
  • Have you appointed eco-conscious suppliers?

When following the principles mentioned above your (production) office or shoot can be considered eco-friendly. Of course, you can always do more – we even recommend it.

For more information on this topic, check out our article The rise of eco-friendly filmmaking.

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