ITV’s self-promotion hits an all-time low

ITV’s self-promotion hits an all-time low

ITV just couldn”t help themselves could they? Is there some clause that prevents a non-ITV face from appearing on the quiz? Firstly there was Family Fortunes, then there was Saturday Night Takeaway.

Now don”t get me wrong, the entertainment show has its merits – mainly due to its hosts Ant and Dec – but did it really have to constantly plug ITV shows and the channel”s talent? Pranking celebrities like Louis Walsh (The X Factor – ITV), Piers Morgan, with the help of Simon Cowell (BGT – ITV) and Jeremy Kyle (his chat show – ITV).

How about some of the guest announcers on the show? There popped up David Walliams (also BGT) and Jonathan Ross (his chat show – ITV). Worst of all, out of the seven part run had to be a performance from the pop has-beens from The Big Reunion (yes, you guessed it folks, an ITV show). A timely plug for not only the show, but the live concerts planned for next month.

But the self-promotion hit an all-time low during the first episode of the revamped (ITV might I add) quiz Catchphrase on Sunday (7 April 2013).

You know the format – an animation is shown and contestants have to buzz in to guess the well-known phrase or expression. Now, I know my catchphrases pretty well, but the graphic of some juice and celebrities flummoxed me – and no doubt the majority of the older generation watching.

The answer to the ‘catchphase” I hear you ask? ITV2”s Celebrity Juice. Now how on earth is that a well-known phrase or expression? What next on the show? A prominent cube among other shapes for The Cube? Some fancy calendar animation for This Morning?

Please ITV, make it stop. You make great entertainment shows I”ll give you that, but try to refrain from overusing your talent and the constant name-checking of your own programmes in every one of them. It”s like being stuck with an over-proud parent at a screaming kids party.

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