The Children’s Media Foundation

The Children”s Media Foundation is a new organisation dedicated to working with others to help UK children have access to the best possible media in the world. It was formed from bringing together two previous organisations – Save Kids” TV and the Children”s Film and Television Foundation – but its aims and intended membership are much broader than either of those organisations.

The CMF is currently building relationships with children”s charities, parenting organisations, regulatory and industry bodies, and Government departments as the Foundation wants to involve as wide a group of people as possible who care about UK Children and their relationship with media. You can sign up for a regular newsletter or offer support at various levels at:

We have now established a Board and an Executive group. The Executive members each take on different areas of responsibility including Campaigns, Children”s Arts and Education, Digital Media (including consoles and mobiles), Political liaison, Archive policy and most importantly Research.

The CMF consider Research to be at the heart of all they do because we want our contribution to the ongoing debate about Children and Media to be measured, reasonable and based on fact. As CMF Board Chair, Anna Home OBE says ‘We want to see children and media at the centre of public attention for all the right reasons.”

So if you care about Children and Media and want to join an organisation that takes this issue seriously, then please sign up in support. As Greg Childs, the Director of the CMF says “The CMF has been set up as an independent body free from influence by interest groups. Our constituency is UK kids, and our aim is clear: to improve their media lives.”

Greg Childs
The Children’;s Media Foundation

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