A paean to the UK film and TV industry

A paean to the UK film and TV industry

One of the emails in my inbox today was from an esteemed colleague, reminding me that I still hadn”t watched the British Film Commission”s latest showreel.

So I did, and am not ashamed to say that while watching, I actually welled up with tears, and all before the 9 (am) watershed…

The piece is beautifully edited into bite-sized, themed sections, under headings such as award-winning cast and crew; production support; diverse and unique locations, generous tax reliefs; studios and facilities – it goes on. And in my view, rightly so.

Nuggets of dialogue from some of the biggest films and TV dramas shot here in Blighty are pitched against a sweeping soundtrack, as an impressive list of talent flaunt their acting chops. I found myself smiling affectionately at Daniel Radcliffe, edging closer to my screen when Daniel Craig appeared, nodding respectfully at Dames Judi and Helen, and wishing Benedict Cumberbatch could be cast in everything, just for a week.

It is a timely reminder of just how fabulous the UK is in terms of facilities, crew and cast. Here at The Knowledge HQ, I speak to lovely producers, line producers, production managers and casting directors on a daily basis but watching this showreel brought home to me just how talented these people are.

The fact is, the UK provides not just state-of-the-art studios and facilities, but also a vast range of creatively and technically accomplished professionals.

If this comes across as a paean to the UK film and TV industry, it”s because it is. Unashamedly so.

So I urge you to watch it now and tell us what you think via our Facebook page.

BFC Showreel

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