About the Knowledge

Available in both print and digital formats, The Knowledge is an essential resource for people working in the film, television & commercials production industry.

First published in 1986, The Knowledge book is highly regarded as the go-to directory, covering more than 14,500 quality company and crew listings in the UK.

The Knowledge’s online directory is an easy way to find crew, service providers, suppliers and anyone who may work behind the camera in film & TV.

The website also keeps the industry up to date with the latest production news, and The Knowledge Bulletin provides a weekly roundup to over 29,000 email subscribers.

Explore the website and find out why so many film & TV professionals rely on The Knowledge for all their production needs.

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Find crew and suppliers

The Knowledge has over 14,000 entries across 445 categories, covering a vast range of supplier categories from animals to studios, and make-up to prop hire – everything you might need when planning your production. You can access this extensive database and connect with other industry members at no cost.

Showcase your services

Premier profiles allow you to showcase your company using a logo or headshot, credits, social media links, photos, showreels, and text that is fully searchable. Your bespoke profile will provide prospective clients with a full overview of your company in an easy-to-navigate layout.

Start searching today

Register on The Knowledge to gain full access to suppliers listed on the site. Get in touch with trusted companies who provide the services you need for your projects. Plus, receive weekly roundups of the latest industry news.

The Team

Sarah Keegan

Sarah Keegan

Senior Sales Manager

Sarah heads up the team and knows The Knowledge inside out. Sarah has worked on the Knowledge since 1995 building relationships and long-standing industry connections. She never forgets a client!

A ball of energy, she is a lively presence in the office (be it bricks and mortar or virtual!) and in her spare time enjoys catching up with friends, travelling and good restaurants! 

Nia Daniels

Nia Daniels

Editor, The Knowledge and Production Intelligence

Nia has been working at The Knowledge for nearly 20 years, and is the editor of the news content on the site, along with our subscription service Production Intelligence, for which she enjoys talking to key creatives on a daily basis, to verify important information on feature films and TV dramas. She also loves working on the popular World of Studios UK, which she helped to launch in 2021.

Outside work, Nia enjoys cooking, entertaining and walking – if it’s not raining!  

Alex Curry

Alex Curry

Sales Manager

Alex has worked with Sarah on the Knowledge since 1995 – from the huge spiral bound printed editions to the present-day website and sleek paperback edition.

Alex provides unrivalled care and advice on the best ways to be presented to our Knowledge and Production Intelligence clients. Based in her Kent office, Alex is always on hand to help. 

Jacqui Bickles-Smith

Jacqui Bickles-Smith

Data Content Manager

Jacqui is responsible for the content of the site and prides herself on her proofreading abilities and being able to spot an errant full stop at 50 paces. She is also our resident systems expert and enjoys the technical side of her role.

Outside work she loves to travel and isn’t happy unless she has an adventure to look forward to!

Jackie Hobbs

Jackie Hobbs

Data & Sales Support

With 20 years’ of experience, Jackie seamlessly bridges the gap between data and sales. She tackles system glitches and ensures accurate, up-to-date information for the sales team.  

Equally adept at client support, Jackie meticulously maintains profiles and promptly addresses any queries that may arise.  

Katherine Munden

Katherine Munden

Content Researcher

Kat works as content researcher on Production Intelligence. Her work involves finding the most up-to-date information on film and TV productions that are due to shoot in the UK, as well as helping the wider team wherever she is needed, from checking data to editing bulletins.

Kat’s colleagues tell her that her smile and cheerful attitude brighten their day! In her free time, she enjoys swimming in the sea (when it’s not too cold) and travelling.