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Via Giuseppe Ferrari 1/a

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Sound Art 23 is located in central Rome, minutes away from Lepanto metro. We have been operating in the post-production industry for over 30 years, providing services in dubbing, ADR, video editing, sound editing and mixing for film, television and commercials. Our spacious studios also offer a 40-seat screening theatre for 35mm and HD projections. Our mixing theatres are equipped with AMS-Neve consoles and all our ADR stages have Pro-tools systems. For our cutting rooms we offer both AVID Media Composer and Final Cut.

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Production Type Year Role
Paris - Manhattan Film 2012 Italian Dubbing
A Gifted Man TV 2012 Italian Dubbing
Ninja Go! TV 2012 Italian Dubbing
A Single Man Film 2010 Italian Dubbing
The Departed Film 2006 Italian Dubbing
Lost in Translation Film 2004 Italian Dubbing