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Delivering creative stunt, action and fight sequences to suit all budget levels, where producers get as much bang for their buck as possible, but safety is never compromised.

Previously based in Hong Kong (where he worked with the likes of Jackie Chan and Jet Li), Jude Poyer specialises in martial arts action and wirework, but most areas of stunt work (including body burns, falls, battles, water etc) can be coordinated.

Please visit website: www.reelpowerstunts.com for credits and video showreels.

Languages Spoken: Chinese (Cantonese)

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Twitter @ReelPowerStunts

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Production Type Year Role
The Titan Film 2016 Stunt Co-ordinator
Sand Castle Film 2015 Stunt Co-ordinator
The Autopsy of Jane Doe Film 2015 Stunt Co-ordinator
Alleycats Film 2015 Stunt Co-ordinator
Aashiqi (Bengali film) Film 2015 Action Director
Romeo Vs Juliet Film 2014 Action Director