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I have been doing this all my working life. Since 1980, when I was a trainee clapper loader, I’ve worked on more sets than I can count and my experience has forged my skills, honed my craft and ensured I know precisely what’s what and the best way to get there.

My specialities include drama, green/blue screen, time lapse, motion control, high speed in film and digital (10,000 FPS), as well as cars and building projection. I’ve also set up, managed and delivered (on time and budget, of course) multiple projects with eye-watering logistics in complex distant locations.

By and large, the work I’m proudest of stems from projects that initially presented as tricky, complex, or intangible, because that’s when I’ve broken new ground and done something in a way it has not been done before.



Production Year Role
Lethal 2011 Director of Photography
Bedtime Story (short) 2009 Director of Photography
Wake Up (short) 2009 Director of Photography